About Us

A Progressive History


Progressive Sales was started by Gregg Russel in 1991. Progressive Sales was established to serve original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), primarily in the marine and RV industry. The idea for the company continues today – let’s help manufacturers grow and provide exceptional customer service.  

In 1994, Richard Johnson joined Progressive Sales after a long history in the marine industry with OMC – Evinrude. After nearly a decade together, Richard took ownership of Progressive Sales in 2003 following the unexpected passing of Gregg Russel. Richard continued to build on Russell’s legacy by following the core values of Progressive Sales – always do the right thing and build strong relationships with vendors and customers that were based on TRUST. 

In 2017, Richard brought on a partner, Patrick Weiss, as part of his succession plan and to carry on the success and growth of Progressive Sales. Since then, Patrick has been expanding the footprint of Progressive Sales by offering their services across the entire Midwest for both marine and RV OEMs, and in turn are helping many more customers. 

In 2018, Progressive Sales brought on Dave Kornecki to help manage their growth and ventures into new markets. Dave brings an energy to the team that will help continue the company’s legacy of providing superior customer service.